Assume the role of Takeshi, a Japanese samurai who has to protect his village from the onslaught of an Oni attempting to conquer the land with his undead army. Fight against his army of tengu, undead and the horrifying Jorogumo, all inspired by Japanese mythology, in a unique, brutal stop-motion cinematic adventure.


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Key Features

  • Unique stop-motion-style animation, character design, and cinematics
  • 2D Action Adventure gameplay with Soulslike and Metroidvania elements
  • Detailed, atmospheric levels full of secrets to discover
  • Varied controls ranging from a combo-based combat to linked magical powers
  • Dynamic enemy AI makes every encounter challenging and unique
  • Customizable combat through an in-game combo editor
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Defend the Forbidden Village

Explore a meticulously crafted world alive with Japanese mythology and folklore. Wander through ruined villages, mountain caves, desolate cemeteries, and more. Battle yokai, undead monsters, and demons, all expertly rendered in a highly detailed, Ray Harryhausen-esque stop-motion style.

Three Spirits Bound by Fate

Fight through the undead hordes as three distinct characters: Takeshi, a skilled samurai; Kodama, a brave and tiny tree spirit; and Chisai, a warrior cat. Each interacts with the world in a different way, from intense sword combat to precise platforming and exploration.

Wield Legendary Power

Confront legions of demons armed with the weapons of ancient Japan: the iconic katana, the versatile yari spear, and the formidable bow. Harness gained experience to enhance your abilities and stats and master an array of awe-inspiring moves that you can form into custom combos.